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The founder of MYLS is Mr. KONSTANTINOS CHALOULAKOS Chef with many years of experience in 5-star hotels, restaurants, villas and yachts. He has worked with renowned Chefs with Michelin stars, he has worked in some of the best 5-star hotels in Athens and Greece as he has cooked for famous personalities and families of the international jet set in Mykonos and all over Greece.

He has taken part in the famous TV game show Hells kitchen taking 6th place and has participated in many TV shows.

His love for cooking, the good way of life and the beautiful summers evenings on the Greek islands led him to found a company with the aim of satisfying the people who come to Greece to feel the hospitality.

Haloulakos Konstantinos at Hell's Kitchen Project with Hector Bodrini

John Mahramas

Everything was much better than we could even imagine. The charge was just a tiny fragement of the exellent luxury services we enjoyed.


Illka Vainio

We love Greece and hot weather. This year we discovered the magic of letting the Greeks show us their country! We wish that we could stay for ever! Thank you Kostas & Anna. We will be back next year and we want all your services!

Helsinki, Finland

Tibeau Larou

First time in Greece, first time family vacations at the island of Crete. Everlasting paradise with the Luxury Services provided by Chef Chaloulakos! Μerci beaucoup!

Paris, France

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